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Sunati was founded in 1995 by Mr. Henrique Rodrigues. That year, on a visit to Spain, Mr. Rodrigues saw and fell in love with a Zumex machine, but at the time there were no natural orange juicer machines in Portugal.
The solution? Believe and work.

He believed that he had the best natural orange juicer machine, and that a Zumex not only makes juice, but also sells it as well.
He worked with great will, perseverance, passion and seriousness.
The result? In the same year he created the company Natur-Sumo, dedicated to the distribution of oranges specifically for citrus juicers and the production and distribution of 100% unpasteurized natural orange juice.

Three years later Sunati supplied Zumex machines throughout the hole country, pioneering in the introduction of a new machine in the HORECA channel.

Since then, Sunati has worked with the most demanding companies in Portugal, such as SONAE, Jerónimo Martins, Intermarché, Corte Inglés, IKEA, Areas, as well as hotels, pastry shops, coffee shops, fruit shops, etc.

One of the main reasons for our success over these years, has been the fact that we have refused to market various other equipments, and have dedicate ourselves exclusively to Zumex machines and the product that they consume.
Thus we believe that we have acquired a very thorough knowledge of both juicer machines and oranges.


Can a Zumex machine become troublesome? Yes it can, but much less than other machines on the market.
However, we pride ourselves on understanding its problems very well, and resolving them efficiently and quickly (24 hours nationwide).
Sunati currently counts on 8 employees, to serve with the same passion of over 20 years.
PS: A Zumex machine does not just squeeze orange, a Zumex is a Zumex.

2018 - Qualityfry Exclusive Representatives in Portugal

Given our success over the past 23 years, this year we have been chosen to exclusively represent the Qualityfry brand in Portugal. Once again we accepted the challenge of introducing a new machine in the HORECA channel.
Qualityfry develops industrial fryers with unique worldwide characteristics, given that it works on smoke-free and odor-free frying and allows for it to not mix flavors. Allowing reduction on 37% oil, 24% electrical consumption and 27% frying time.

2019 - OFYR Exclusive Representatives in Portugal

Once again due to our dedication and hard work shown to the brands we represent, we were elected to represent yet another prestigious brand in our country, this time a Dutch brand, OFYR.
OFYR was created by Hanns Goosens, a Dutch entrepreneur and amateur designer, who was looking for a high-performance grill with refined and artistic lines that would complement his garden design and that it would be weather-resistant, in order to be kept outdoors all year round.

We believe that we will also meet this challenge, with the same principles as always, Believe and Work.
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