After certifying and recognizing the work that Sunati, with 23 years experience, has provided the prestigious Zumex brand, Qualityfry has selected, during their launch in the national market, on channel Horeca and through the strong commitment and efficiency in post-sale services, Sunati as their exclusive representative for commercializing their products in Portugal.

However, before accepting this new challenge, we made sure that these fryers that came to revolutionize the world of frying, actually work. How? We acquired two units and spent many hours frying the widest variety of products and travelled several times to Madrid and Barcelona to speak with dozens of
professionals who work with this equipment.
Only after all of this work, which allowed us to certify this new product’s quality and functionality, did we in fact proudly accept
this new challenge.

Solution? Believe and Work, under the same principles from 23 years ago: Perseverance, Passion and Seriousness.
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What is Qualityfry?

Qualityfry is the brand that develops and manufactures the industrial fryer Fast Chef Elite, in Europe, a unique type of fryer in the world, which operates without producing smoke, odor or mixing of flavors, consuming 37% less oil and 24% less electricity than other equipments.

QualityFry is a benchmark in the design, manufacture and distribution of automatic frying technology for the Hospitality sector (HoReCa).

Fast Chef Elite is an extraordinary machine which does not require the emission of smoke and which does not emit odors, designed to combine reliability, safety and productivity in equal measure. Able to fry automatically and autonomously, it achieves optimal levels of profitability as it offers a high quality
product in record time. Fast Chef Elite does not require specialised operators. It can be installed in different locations within food service establishments, such as a bar or cafeteria, inside or outside of a kitchen, or even mobile businesses. It only requires an electrical outlet, and does not require an extraction campanula.

With this Qualitifry fryer you may fry a large ration of up to 650g, or two small rations simultaneously of 300g and 350g, with a third one on hold.


When the Chef is a perfect machine
Catálogue Qualityfry


Fast Chef Elite meticulously drains the products, resulting in dry, crunchy and real flavored products to be enjoyed, rather than the characteristic conventional fry taste left from other fryers.


Given that it fries in the absence of light, eliminating the active particles and the oil water, it will be free of food residue, which will then expand its lifetime. Why not take into consideration the amount that is spent in oil, annually, and calculate to how much 24% would correspond to? This way it is
possible to obtain the amount of savings that could be achieved with this fryer.

Fast Chef Elite offers traditional frying in record time, as thanks to its special design it minimises losses of heat, keeps the oil at the optimal temperature, and speeds up frying time, allowing even to fry two products at once. Electrical consumption will then be visibly reduced.


No more burned fries! By the time the selected period of time is over, the product is extracted automatically, without any risk of the person operating the machine getting burned.


The advanced touch screen allows to control intuitively the number of doses, and the frying time each dose will take. All that is necessary is the calculation of the estimated time needed for each product, allowing the result to be consistent each and every time. Fast Chef Elite minimizes heat loss by maintaining the oil temperature without change during the hole process, allowing for the results to always be quality consistent.


One individual is enough to control the hole frying process. All that is needed is the press of a button and the collection of the product ready to serve. Fast Chef Elite is prepared to work two products simultaneously with a third one on hold.


The system of filters incorporated by Fast Chef Elite totally eliminates smoke, radically ending frying odors. Given that it operates in the absence of light,
practically without oxygen, it eliminates active particles and the oil water, keeping it food residue clear, achieving this way perfect, healthy and mix-free
flavor results. This allows for multiple products to be fried at the same time, such as meat, fish ou even sweets, without compromising its flavors.

All of this allows for the lack of an extraction campanula, expensive maintenance and respective licenses. With the added advantage of customers not leaving smelling like fried food!


Its anti-fire system, continuously sends out information regarding the oil temperature to the control software. An automatic mechanism that is incorporated into the machine is prepared to disconnect from the electric resistance. It also incorporates a safety thermostat. However the biggest anti-fire safety feature is located in the enclosed frying chamber, which allows for the frying process to have a low oxygen concentration


Fast Chef Elite’s frying chamber is built with a double stainless steel layer, which allows for high temperature isolation, protecting this way the person operating the machine and its surroundings.
It should be noted that the person operating the machine never comes in contact with the high temperature oil.
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