Essential Pro

Essential Pro is simple and functional, providing with maximum running quality. It is ideal for all kinds of coffee shops and bars. With Essential Pro, you may choose from 2 operating modes, Self-Service mode, which allows for the recently squeezed juice to be served on a glass or jar, simply by pulsating the tap, or Automatic mode, which will squeeze the oranges automatically as they are inserted down the feeder tube.
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Context of use Bars and coffee shops, with a moderate juice consumption / demand
Safety Double magnetic safety detector and motor protection
Anti-humidity Protection IPX4
Voltage 220-240 V - 50-60 Hz / 115 V - 60 Hz
Consumption 2.7 A
Potency 300W / 320W
Fruit Diameter 65-78 mm
Capacity 4/5 oranges in the feede
Fruit per minute 22 oranges/min
Juice jar capacity 750 ml
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