A robust and reliable machine, which allows for the extration of juice from oranges, tangerines, lemons and pomegranates, due to its several different available squeezing kits.
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It has a rotary filter that eliminates the pulp and pips continously, depositing them in a stainless steel drawer, that is very easy to remove and clean.
Its control panel allows for a stop and start of all elements, elevator speed regulator, emergency stop activation, among others.
Stainless steel elevator with a 40Kg capacity.

Sizes Head Unit Oranges/min Kg/H Liters/Min Liters/H
9-10-11 Kit9 150,35 902,4 6,01 360,85
5-6-7-8 Kit8 133,65 1145,4 7,64 458,22
2-3-4 Kit7 116,694 2338,8 15,59 935,53
*Estimated calculations with a 40% juice performance of the oranges.
Diâmetro da fruta min: Ø55 mm, max: Ø100 mm
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