OFYR is the creation of Hans Goossens, a dutch businessman and design enthusiast with an outdoor entertainment passion. He looked forward to long summer nights enjoying, cooking and dining outside with his friends. Hans wanted a high performance grill with clean artistic lines that complemented his garden, bad weather-proofed, that could be placed in the same place all year long - like a sculpture. The outcome was OFYR, a unique cone shaped project made from corten steel, which develops a nice patina worn through time.
The design was an immediate success, not only due to its impressive appearance, but also to its versatile culinary performance and its wide and inviting heat circle. It is not just design fans that love OFYR, but also professional chefs that love its versatility for culinary demonstration events. Restaurants and hotels use OFYR units to transform outdoor spaces and to offer their clients with unique dining experiences.

What motivates the interest in the OFYR concept? We attribute such to its unique simplicity, functionality and beautiful design, which together create a completely new way of cooking and outdoor entertainment. Quality, of course, plays an important role too.

Redefining outdoor cooking
The key to the multifunctional appeal of the OFYR unit lays in its simplicity and longevity of the materials used in its production. Corten steel is strong and long-lasting, it can be left outside under any weather conditions and requires low maintenance. Not only is it easy to spot, its distinct cone shape creates its own air circulation, so that with the right dry wood, you can have a fire within minutes. OFYR units heat up very fast, quickly radiating heat in a several meter surrounding area, creating an inviting warm circle arround all year long.

Autumn and Winter
The cone shaped heater in the OFYR unit radiates heat in a two meter radius, allowing for outdoor cooking and entertainment during the coldest months of the year. Perfect for a hot winter stew, while enjoying a warm cup of wine at the same time, the OFYR unit provides heat and light for your outdoor space throughout the year.
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